Trivia – Every Tuesday Night at Gramps

Trivia heads, this message is for you: Many enter, one team leaves at this boozy meeting of the minds. If you’ve got a bod for beer and a mind for random information, Trivia Thunderdome is your coliseum.

Is your mastery technique part intimidation and part ridiculous amounts of knowledge? Then your tribe awaits you at Gramps every Tuesday night. The knowledge throw-down starts at 9pm!

Basically, all you need to do is leave your Internet machine outside and bring your lust for victory and that 1st place prize. The Trivia Thunderdome is open for those brave, shameless, raucous souls who live in the NOW and take pride knowing the damn answer.

And so we decree: send out the flare to the gang, get your team name set, and get the band back together to test your brain power on anything from music, TV, internet, ‘Murica, geography, philosophy, sports, movies, and more.

Most importantly, this is the only trivia night in town that really matters – where knowledge masters dominate and the vanquished leave in shame! The urge to crush the wills of your opponents is a MUST! Basically, Trivia Thunderdome has Mad Max intensity (minus the flamethrowers), coupled with thirsty competitors battling it out for bar tabs and prizes – each week.

Upcoming Trivia Nights

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