Bingo – Every Wednesday Night at Gramps

Because you can’t win money playing Jenga…show us what you’re made of when we throw some intense bingo action your way. Pair that kind of fun with THE most fabulous (and your favorite) hostess, Miss Toto. You’re win!

In true Gramps style, we don’t just give away booze and Benjamins, but other great prizes you can use, like gift certificates to businesses like Shinola, Panther Coffee, Radio-Active Records, Sweat Records, Jack Daniels, and more.  so we provide drinks and bar tabs as prizes. JUST SHOW UP AND WIN!

While we’re just here chatting, here are Miss Toto’s top 5 tips pro tips:

  1. How many game boards can you possibly manage? Don’t overdo it. No need to stress out tonight, boo.
  2. Keep your hands on your own dauber.
  3. Listen up good. Yes, it does get trickier the more drinks go down the hatch, but that’s the risk you’ll just have to take.
  4. If no one wants to join you at the bar for some time with Miss Toto – they’re not real friends. They ain’t even frenemies. Disown them! Miss Toto commands you!
  5. If you win, yell the magic word and own it!

So now that you have all the info, channel your inner Golden Girl and saddle up for a wild night at Gramps every Wednesday from 9pm – 12am.

Check out Miss Toto, as featured in the Miami New Times!

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